TM HORT increases the range of shock absorbers for commercial vehicles


As previously reported, the line of shock absorbers HORT is steadily updated with new positions in order to cover the fleet of cars and commercial vehicles as fully as possible. Spare parts that are waiting on the market are regularly available, and HORT strives to promptly notify car owners and sellers.

Among the latest topical for the market of new products added to the brand catalogs, rear and front shock absorbers for commercial vehicles appeared on such popular models: Renault Master II, III and Trafic II, Mercedes Sprinter II and (4-t), VW-T5 and T4. These "workhorses" are working hard on the roads of Ukraine, and the demand for spare parts for them is constantly high.

The shock absorber ha30181 on the VW-T4 The shock absorber ha30394 on the Mercedes Sprinter II

Shock absorber ha30381 on VW-T5 Shock absorber ha30363 on Renault Trafic II

HORT produces oil and gas-oil dampers, which have a two-pipe design and differ from each other by the presence of low-pressure gas. The shock absorber rods are made from high-carbon high-hardness structural steel, are hardened and chrome plated, which improves the corrosion resistance of the rod and ensures a low coefficient of friction. The wear-resistant, self-cleaning oil seal ensures perfect sliding of the rod under conditions of frequent temperature fluctuations. HORT provides a guarantee of 1 year or 20 000 km of run on all shock absorbers.