MFilter Filter


BALTIC FILTER" is an operating company in Lithuania since 1997 and a constantly growing company producing automotive filters.

JSC "BALTIC FILTER" offers more than 2000 kinds of automobile air, salon, fuel, oil filters. The company produces filters and filter elements for cars and trucks, motorcycles, as well as for garden, forestry and agricultural machinery. For industrial enterprises under special orders, BALTIC FILTER produces industrial filters: for hydraulic systems, construction equipment and road construction equipment, as well as for machinery, vacuum cleaners, powder painting chambers and other special purpose equipment.

"BALTIC FILTER" sells its products in the European Union countries and exports to more than 40 countries in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. During the implementation of several European support projects, filters are manufactured in new production buildings, using newly acquired German, Italian, Swiss, English equipment and high-quality raw materials from manufacturers such as Henkel, Bayer, Ahlstrom, Hollingsworth & Vose GmbH "," ArcellorMittal ".

The drivers of the European Union know the trade mark "MFilter" well. Therefore, in an effort to consolidate your recognition and the title of a reliable firm, we have now implemented the quality management system of the international technical specification for road transport ISO / TS 16949: 2009, which is certified by the German certification institution "TUV HESSEN". Production processes are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the quality management standard ISO 9001: 2008. The enterprise strictly observes the requirements for nature protection, and the environmental protection system ISO 14001/2005 is implemented.

Most of the range of MFilter is aimed at European cars. However, the number of positions on Asian cars has recently been growing, as their sales in the EU countries are very significant. In total in the assortment - more than 2000 types of automobile air, salon, fuel, oil filters. The company produces filters and filter elements for cars and trucks, as well as for motorcycles and other motor vehicles.

When the company was just beginning to plan production of MFilter filters for foreign cars, for example a standard sample was taken. Since then, the company strictly adhere to these standards and parameters, professing an ideology of high quality without compromise!

MFilter uses materials that are considered to be the newest and most progressive for automotive applications. Polyurethane and other chemical components are supplied to the companies DOW, Henkel and Bayer, metal - Arcellor Mittal. Filter paper is used from Ahlstrom, Hollingsworth & Vose GmbH - these are names whose credibility is indisputable in the filter industry.

New technologies are being introduced - the most modern and high-precision production lines from the Italian company Gusbi have been purchased. The company uses the most modern equipment of German and Swiss production, as well as purchased in the UK. As a result, the quality of the products fully meets the highest world standards.

Automotive filters "MFilter" serve the entire intended life due to the special design of folds of filter paper, using the entire filter surface. In the car filters "MFilter" all the technical requirements and conditions, necessary height of curtains and corrugations are maintained.

Automotive filters produced by "MFilter" remove impurities and solid particles up to 63 microns from the air entering the combustion chamber of the engine. This determines the long service life of the engine. Due to the special geometry of the folds of the paper, the folds are not compressed, the spaces between them remain sufficient, so that the entire filter surface is fully used. Round filters are produced in the required width, so a sufficient filter surface is always obtained. Because of this, the life of the automobile engine is extended and fuel consumption is reduced. Quality is controlled at every stage of production, from the receipt of raw materials and ending with the delivery of finished products to the warehouse.

Oil and fuel filters. Fuel filters "MFilter" clean the fuel of pollution, thus protecting the fuel system of the engine and contributing to reliable operation of the engine. Oil filters "MFilter" clean the oil from contamination. Thus, a good lubrication of the engine and its long operation are achieved. Fuel and oil filters "MFilter" are produced under quality control at all stages of production.