TM “HOLA” proposes innovation in clutch disc for engine Cummins 2.8D


TM "HOLA" proposes innovation in clutch dick for engine Cummins 2.8D
At the beginning of April, 2017 year You may buy this new product TM Hola, produced by Ween H&H B.V:
Clutch discs HOLA modification model DTC - CH12-259*
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Tecnical modifications:
- The quantity of clutch damping springs increased up to 8 pcs.;
- The contact area of clutch disc increased;
- Additional damper springs are in clutch disc hub;
- New damper assembly of clutch disc;
- Rotation angle enlarged up to 67% while maximum torque;
- Maximum torque has 25% of rise;
- New clutch basket;

Benefits of use:
- Smooth start;
- Easy gear changing;
- Lack of noise and vibration;

For engine Cummins 2.8D - clutch disc assembly CH12-259; clutch disc CHD259.
For engine UMZ 4216 - clutch disc assembly S258; clutch disc CHD258**.

** - compatible with CH12-259 not modernized model.